Meet Barbara

Barbara has had a unique experience working at LifeWorx because she originally started on the other side of the phone – as a customer. Living in Westchester, she initially contacted LifeWorx after reading an article about their services… Read More

Meet Parentpreneur Susannah Ludwig of Portraits That Move

Being a parent is hard work, and also rewarding, humbling, and amazing. But being a parent and a business owner? These moms and dads are managing a tenfold increase in workload and stress but find it equally rewarding…. Read More

Meet Dee

Born and raised in London, obtaining her Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations in Chicago, and becoming a stay at home mom has prepared Dee, our Director of Human Resources for everything she manages on a… Read More

Meet Sam

Being a “people person” is a crucial personality trait when recruiting for LifeWorx, because it is in these conversations with applicants that the recruiter is able to pick up on the most pivotal traits – intuitively knowing when… Read More

Check, Check, and Check Again!

At LifeWorx, our recruiters deal with hundreds of nanny and housekeeper job applicants a week. They often must play “detective” to really determine whether a candidate is truly skilled, reliable, and trustworthy. This requires more than just doing… Read More

Interviewing candidates for your home

“Trust, but Verify”- Ronald Reagan In today’s society, letting a stranger into your home comes with significant risk, especially when you are looking for someone to be in your home while you are at work.  If you do not… Read More