Five Must Do’s If your Nanny is driving your children

At LifeWorx, we are often asked, “What are the proper steps to take if your nanny, housekeeper or child care provider drives your car?” We are also asked, “What should you do to be safe and have proper… Read More

swine flu shots for your nanny or housekeeper

As a homeowner, Mother or Nanny, you are obviously concerned about contracting the swine flu. Mothers are concerned about their children since they are more vulnerable to the swine flu then many other types of flu. One of… Read More

appreciation: a motivator for your child care, elder care, chef and nanny service providers

At LifeWorx, one of our chefs Greg, who provides full time Personal Chef Service to a client in Manhattan, New York, always sends us warm greetings and appreciation about the personal chef job we found for him in… Read More

why it is important to pay your housekeeper on time

Money is as much of a commodity as one can imagine. A dollar is dollar, whether it is in your wallet, in your purse, on your desk, lying on the sidewalk or in a vault. Money is the… Read More

our first family

Our First Family …. The first family that LifeWorx worked with is composed of 3 brothers and sisters, and they are a group of one of the nicest people we have ever serviced. We provide an assortment of… Read More

lifecycle cost

Our country is back in the saving mode. Anytime we purchase something, a product or service, it makes a lot of sense to look at all the costs that are incurred and assess the value we receive. Last… Read More