A Healthy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us and it is certainly a favorite holiday. Whether you are in New York City for Fleet Week, Hamptons, Westchester, or Connecticut, one thing that is never in short supply is the food! Here… Read More

A Quick Clean-Up!

We’ve all had those days where we need to clean the house super quick before company comes over. Here are some tips to get a quick cleaning done in your house before your guests arrive. Follow this checklist… Read More

I Never Worry About My Housekeeper

Having help in the home is supposed to reduce stress and create a better sense of relaxtion, right? Then why is it that this tends to be one of the most stressful aspects of life? It is something… Read More

Spice it up!

Do you love spicy foods? I’m not big on spicy but I think I should give it a try considering all the health benefits it offers… Capsaicin, the active ingredient in spicy foods such as jalapeno peppers, cayenne, red pepper… Read More

Attention Chocolate Lovers!

Here at LifeWorx, Bal is a known chocoholic! He has a constant supply of his favorite dark chocolates in every office. We yell at him for tempting us with these treats, but there are actually some real health benefits… Read More

Chef Service Can Change Your Life!

What can chef service do for you? Chef service can change your typical evening at home to a mini vacation, where the family can relax and enjoy a delicious meal prepared by a professional without any of the… Read More

How do you know you’ve picked the right nanny?

Choosing a person to be responsible for your children while you are not there can be a daunting task. Once you finally choose a nanny, how do you know things are going right if you’re not there to… Read More

Finding Good Help is Easy!

A note from the founder.. When I got a call at 9 pm yesterday from a mom in distress about finding a Nanny for her three children in New York City, I had an epiphany. With 8 million… Read More

How to get your kids to eat healthy food

Getting your kids to eat healthy food can be very difficult. Here are some easy ideas that your kids will love! Smoothies: Kids love the different colors and tastes that come with a good smoothie. They would never… Read More

Three Tips on How to Make Your House a Home

Our home may be the place of ultimate joy or the most pain in our lives. There are many days when I feel that I’m in heaven when I am at home — a place full of peace,… Read More