Pain, Pain, Go Away

Show these top pain doctors where it hurts—they can help. Few things wring the fun out of life the way pain can. And as we age, we’re more likely to experience discomfort: According to a 2010 study[1], most… Read More

Taking Time to Address Your Busy Household’s Needs

Recently LifeWorx received a call from a potential client. She runs her own business out of her home and has three children. Six year old twins girls and a ten-year-old boy. With that type of schedule and daily… Read More

Summer Camp

Its summer time, and that means your kids may be starting a new camp. Summer camp is many children’s first taste of independence. For many, it will also be their first experience with homesickness. How do parents help them? Involve your… Read More

Tips for Transitioning a New Nanny

Got a New Nanny? Here’s How to Make a Smooth Transition. Finding the perfect nanny can be nerve-wracking and even a little scary. After all, she  will be caring for the most precious things in your life: your… Read More

Going Organic

There have been many debates about whether there is a real nutritional difference between organic food and conventional food. Alan Greene, a pediatrician and author wrote an article about the pesticides that are found in a lot of… Read More

Organizing Your Life

We all know how a messy, unorganized home or office can cause immense stress and frustration. The growing pile of papers or items can become an unstoppable force. We have had clients in tears in a desperate attempt… Read More

Giving Thanks

It is the time of the year to remember what we are thankful for. If you are looking for fun and creative ways to thank your nanny for her committment and dedication to your family, look no further!… Read More

Curry to Cure Arthritis!

As people age, their list of daily medications grows and grows. When it comes to arthritis, there might be a natural alternative to treat it. The Wall Street Journal had an article about the benefits of the  ingredient Turmeric… Read More

Communicating with your Nanny

Finding childcare for your children is both one of the most important decisions you will have to make as well as one of the most stressful. When you are preparing to hire a new nanny, you need to… Read More

Why Eat Avocado?

Don’t think you like avocados? You might want to give it another try! Many people dismiss avocado because of its high calorie count. One avocado does have 322 calories, but it has 54% of your recommended daily value of… Read More