feedback, the lifeblood of service

Anyone working in your home is counting on you to give feedback, a sense of belonging, and respect. As a former veteran of the corporate business world for 20 years, I have learned that working in Corporate America… Read More

lifecycle cost

Our country is back in the saving mode. Anytime we purchase something, a product or service, it makes a lot of sense to look at all the costs that are incurred and assess the value we receive. Last… Read More

three generations of memories

One of the first major organizing projects we did was in Hartsdale, NY, at the home of an old, very active couple in their 90s. He had a twin brother and they recently celebrated their 100th birthday together,… Read More

my new party dress

A client from Chappaqua, for whom we did weekly housekeeping, calls frantically on a Saturday morning at 8.15 AM to say that the new dress she had brought a day earlier is missing. She hung the dress behind… Read More