Best Anti-Aging Treatment!

We are always searching for the next best anti aging cream…maybe what we should really look for is the best anti aging team! One of the most stressful parts of life is not being able to find trusted, reliable,… Read More

Kid Friendly Places in New York City

New York City is an amazing location to have a  fun day out with the kids. Here are some suggestions for parents and nannies in Manhattan looking for an outing! American Museum of Natural History- young children will be enthralled… Read More

Finding Good Help is Easy!

A note from the founder.. When I got a call at 9 pm yesterday from a mom in distress about finding a Nanny for her three children in New York City, I had an epiphany. With 8 million… Read More

Some Fun Experiences We Have Had Here at LifeWorx

Some Fun Experiences We Have Had Here at LifeWorx

Market Research is Vital to LifeWorx’s Success

There is nothing like market research to find out the real needs of consumers. So when we started LifeWorx, we decided to do market research at train stations in the mornings to find out the in-home needs of… Read More

grand opening of our new office in westport, ct

LifeWorx has just opened up a new office in Westport, CT! We have made lemonade out of lemon! This tough economy turned out to be a bit of a blessing as we decided to look for a better… Read More

happiness in the new year

I am often very tired from working long hours, taking care of my home and taking care of the family. There is always a large amount of stress and lack of time. However, I am extremely happy despite… Read More

happy thanksgiving with a positive attitude in tough times

As a business owner, I, like many of you, have been worried about the economy for most of this year. The job market has gotten worse for most Americans and the economy is improving very slowly. How can… Read More

what is the priority: simplicity vs. perfection?

A client from Rowayton, CT asked “Should I get a nanny to take care of my baby and a housekeeper to take care of my house, or should there be only one person to do both childcare and… Read More

our first family

Our First Family …. The first family that LifeWorx worked with is composed of 3 brothers and sisters, and they are a group of one of the nicest people we have ever serviced. We provide an assortment of… Read More