When Is It Time To Hire An Elder Care Professional?

There are many major decisions that we will need to make for our parents in life, and hiring elder care is one of them which is certainly not to be taken lightly. There are many questions that arise whenever this discussion comes up and we hope to answer them all, as well as give you some insight on the process that we go through at LifeWorx to find the best fit for an elder care professional for you and your loved ones.

Why hire an elder care professional?

There are many different reasons that families have for needing to hire elder care to support their elderly family member, and each might be very personal. But, in a general sense, they are typically hired because the family has no one close by who can look after the elderly family member, the capable family member may lack the necessary training to take care of the needs of the elderly family member, or simply that the elderly family member wishes for extra support and connection during the day (especially important if they are living alone). No matter what the reason is for your family, whenever these questions arise, it’s important to look into the different options that are available to you.

What should an elder care professional be responsible for?

This again is very specific to the person they will be caring for, but a great thing to do whenever you are searching for the right candidate is to write out a job description including everything that you need them to do. Think about outlining your elderly family member’s daily routine from morning until night, focus on the time of day that you need them there, and take into consideration any major details you are looking for in their skill set (ex. Ability to administer medication, has a background in physical therapy, experience with Dementia, etc). Here are some helpful tips to guide you along the way:

• Involve your elderly loved one in the process of hiring someone. It will make the transition a lot easier.
• Make sure the caregiver is aware of the specific dietary, medical, physical, and emotion needs of the person they will be caring for and know how to make smart decisions based on those.
• Don’t expect them to be on call 24/7, but set out a designated weekly schedule for them to follow.
• Be open about communication. It’s important that the caregiver is comfortable texting or calling you to update you on your loved one’s day.

What are the financial obligations?

This relies heavily on the skillset you are seeking, the amount of time they will be working, and the amount of work they will be doing (will they be responsible for extra household chores?). There are many agencies out there that advertise attractive pricing, but the quality isn’t always there. In some cases, the cost of elder care can be offset with health insurance.

How can LifeWorx help?

Once you know what you are looking for, LifeWorx can take over and provide you with the right person for your needs. We only accept 5 out of every 100 applications that come through our doors, so we are confident that we can provide you with the elder care that you can make all the difference in your loved one’s life.

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