Meet Barbara

Barbara has had a unique experience working at LifeWorx because she originally started on the other side of the phone – as a customer. Living in Westchester, she initially contacted LifeWorx after reading an article about their services while on the quest for a babysitter of her own. She was seeking the work/life balance that LifeWorx helps attain for working mothers and found the answer within the company itself.

Her experience of being highly involved in the different positions at LifeWorx (client relations and recruiting) and being a client herself has made her an invaluable employee whose work ethic plays a vital role in the day to day operations of the LifeWorx community.

1. Tell me a little bit about your background and what you did before working at LifeWorx.

I graduated from the University of Texas, with a major in Economics and started my career on Wall Street on the sales trading floor. After some time went by, I made a switch in careers to working in a hospital in the administration department. After having my children, I took some time to be a stay at home, then thanks to my mother in law – was able to go back to work in investment banking. After she passed away, I began seeking out jobs where I could work from home and be present with my children, while still bringing in an income.

2. How has your role evolved at LifeWorx from your first encounter with the company?

Originally, I started as a recruiter in Chappaqua and I am now the Client Relations Director (sales) for Fairfield County, working out of our Westport, CT office. My recruiting experience really helped me become knowledgeable about all that goes into screening every single applicant. I’m able to communicate this process to my clients in detail because I spent so much time doing it.

3. How has LifeWorx grown since then?

We were only 5 employees when I started 7 years ago. LifeWorx consisted of one salesperson, 2 recruiters and an operations manager. There were only 2 offices- one in Chappaqua and one in Westport. We are now around 30 employees and have 5 offices! We have an actual technology department, marketing department, HR along with sales and recruiting. It has grown tremendously and its been really exciting to be a part of. Bal will continue to grow the company and accomplish amazing things.

4. Being in this industry for 7 years and being a mom yourself, what’s the first thing you look for when you’re talking to a potential nanny?

I look for a warm nurturing person, one who understands children and is willing to pitch in with other household things. I really look for someone who I would have take care of my own children in my own home. Someone can look great on paper, but if we don’t feel amazed by them in person, we do not move forward.

5. Why do you think families trust LifeWorx over all the other options out there?

Our vetting process is unlike any agency out there. The families we work with know they are getting trustworthy, skilled professionals. We also give personal attention to the families we service – they know they can call me for advice, additional service, or even just to chat. We are real people with real families and we have the knowledge and experience in the industry. They wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Barbara’s story is much like the many mothers yearning to be able to work, but fearful of leaving their children in the right hands with a babysitter or nanny. At LifeWorx, we strive to make the work/life balance a possibility for mothers whether they work from home and need a few hours to get things done each day or travel into the office and need someone for longer periods of time. It’s possible to attain this, even though it may seem out of reach.

What will you be able to achieve each day with LifeWorx on your side?

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