Meet Dee

Born and raised in London, obtaining her Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations in Chicago, and becoming a stay at home mom has prepared Dee, our Director of Human Resources for everything she manages on a daily basis at LifeWorx. After having children, she knew that she wanted to utilize her degrees, and upon moving to Westchester and spotting a job opening at LifeWorx, she has been able to do everything that she loves. She felt an instant connection with the company upon interviewing and carries LifeWorx’s best interest in her heart through each and every part of her job.

Tell me about your role at LifeWorx and how it’s evolved since you’ve been here.

My background is in in HR. I was looking to return to the workforce after being a stay at home mom for several years. I started out as a recruiter for the LifeWorx Westchester office and then moved into Sales for Long Island. It was my job to introduce our services in Long Island. More recently, I got promoted and am now the Director of HR. My role encompasses training recruiters, continuing Sales in LI, HR, payroll, administration, employee relations, benefits etc.

What did you learn as a recruiter about the importance of screening applicants?

Our screening process is extremely rigorous and it has taught me the importance of triple checking every detail about an applicant. Our screening includes:
DMV check – We don’t accept anyone who has more than 2 driving violations
Credit check – We want to make sure people have good spending habits and can be responsible with money.
Multi State Criminal Check and Sex Offender Check – We look for any indication of a criminal background. These reports must be clear of any incident.
Social Security check – Applicants need to be legal to work in the US.
We’re always playing detective throughout interview process. I need to be able to trust the nanny in my own home with my own children. Our interviewing process is more thorough and intense than a corporate job interview. We don’t leave any stone unturned.

What’s the work environment like at LifeWorx?

We have 5 offices and 25 employees. As a result, the 25 employees are split up between 5 locations and we communicate over the phone or email. However, we all work as a team because we rely on one another daily. We work as a team, and want each and every employee to succeed. Tools are provided to employees to make sure they can do their job with ease. We also like to socialize, for example we had a team building event in Atlantic City, or we held an event at the 40/40 Club in NYC – geared toward having fun and getting to know everyone.

Why do you think so many families choose you over all the agencies that are out there?

Families know that our service is impeccable because we go above and beyond for our clients. Our nannies and other professionals are the best in their field. We know how to select experts who can bring added value to households by ensuring they go the extra mile.

As a mother, can you relate to the struggle parents often go through to find reliable child care?

Before coming to LifeWorx, I never saw any company with such an intricate process. After training and recruiting at LifeWorx, I came to realize the nuances of hiring great nannies. It’s a job that really needs a trained professional who can filter through applicants’ work experience, their references, their background, and read subtle cues. There are so many requirements that need to be considered. We have training as a LifeWorx professional, that I personally lacked as a mother.

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