Celebrating National Autism Awareness Month

April is National Autism Awareness Month, and here at LifeWorx, we are celebrating awareness of this developmental disorder and showing support for the many charities and organization that provide research and assistance for families with children with autism.

We know that whenever it comes time for working mothers to hire a nanny or babysitter many different questions arise – Will he/she know how to handle an emergency? Will they pay enough attention to my children? Will they follow our discipline rules? The list goes on and on. But, whenever you have a child with autism, those questions go much deeper, and you must have a level of assurance that enables you to happily leave your child with their caretaker so that you can get your work done.

During the first part of our multi-level process in screening our applicants, we analyze their specific child care experience, meaning what kinds of special circumstances they’ve worked with. It is our job to match families’ needs with the skilled caretakers that we have working for us. If a parent calls us to care for a child with autism, we make sure that the nanny chosen has experience working with children with autism and is knowledgeable of this specific child’s needs and preferences.

You will be able to leave the home for work each day or work in your home office resting assured that your autistic child’s needs are being met each and every day. It is this peace of mind that we strive to provide every parent with.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Autism Awareness Month with your whole family:

• Read some new Autism Awareness books with your whole family! There are so many authors whose lives have been touched by Autism and they have written wonderful books about their experiences. This will help the whole family enable a better understanding of this developmental disorder and is also a great opportunity for a deeper connection with your caregiver.
• Shop for Autism – there are MANY online retailers that will be donating a portion of purchase proceeds to Autism research, this is a great opportunity to help give back!
• Plan a family outing – this is a great opportunity for you to let your autistic child choose to celebrate the month by taking the family to their favorite place for celebration. The support they will feel is invaluable!
Download the newest autism apps – we know that all kids love anything technology related, but we don’t always feel good about handing them the tablet and playing games. This list summarizes the top iPad apps that are great to be used in conjunction with therapy to help children with academics, speech, feel comfortable in new surroundings, vocabulary, and more! It’s a great way to get the whole family playing together!

How are you and your family celebrating National autism Awareness Month?

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