Meet Sam

Being a “people person” is a crucial personality trait when recruiting for LifeWorx, because it is in these conversations with applicants that the recruiter is able to pick up on the most pivotal traits – intuitively knowing when they have found the perfect person to fill a designated role. This is why Sam, who has always worked in a customer service based role, has succeeded the way he has as a LifeWorx recruiter. After graduating from Rutgers University, he knew that he loved working with people, and wanted to apply that trait to his career path.

Can you tell us about your background and how your role has progressed at LifeWorx?

I started out as a recruiter where my job was finding exceptional child care providers in the New York City area. After learning the nuances of the recruiting process, I was promoted to manage the child care recruitment team and our new on demand child care offering.

From your perspective having been a recruiter, can you tell our readers about the rigorous screening applicants go through every day and why?

Every candidate that LifeWorx represents has gone through a rigorous screening process that includes a phone interview, in person interview, and background check that includes criminal/sex offender/ driving/ credit/ and social security verification. We also verify the work experience by calling at least 2 references. We are the only company that completes these steps of screening in order to ensure that we represent only the most trusted and skilled experts to our customers.

What is LifeWorx On Demand Service and how is it different from what LifeWorx does now?

LifeWorx On Demand Service provides customers the opportunity to have a trusted and reliable sitter come to their home last minute when they need someone. Whether their usual sitter calls out, their child is sick and can’t go to school, or they have a last minute work commitment, we have them covered. On Demand differs from our other services because on demand provides short term child care service for customers, while our other services provide long term service that include more than just child care, such as housekeeping, elder care, housekeeping, personal chefs and personal assistants.

How does the on demand service work?

The way it works is through a simple call to 646-517-5716 or email to where the customer will let our team know the details of the job and a LifeWorx team member will make sure that we send the customer an amazing sitter when they need them. For $22/hour, customers will have a fully screened and interviewed sitter at their doorstep ready to help. LifeWorx takes care of everything, including the sitter’s pay as well as insurances such as workman’s compensation.

How does the LifeWorx on demand service benefit busy parents?

The on demand service helps busy parents by being available at all times, even when things unexpectedly come up and parents need someone they can trust to watch their children asap; LifeWorx is always there to help find the best person in the shortest amount of time.

So there you have it busy moms and dads – LifeWorx has set out to make your lives easier, one sitter at a time!

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