The Battle of Balance – The Journey of Working Mothers

Balance is something that we are always trying to seek in life; it’s a journey within itself. But for working mothers, balance is something that must be achieved on a daily basis in order to manage our households, work, and be a mom. Without balance, life is simply chaotic.

The thing about motherhood is this – you truly do need a village to maintain your composure, get everything crossed off your to-do list each day, and raise your tribe. Your village consists of those around you who help you pull it all together, the people who are there for you when you need to get your work done while knowing that your children are being taken care of. In households with working mothers, nannies and babysitters are a huge part of that necessary “motherhood village” that allows every mother to feel like she can take on the world each morning, and rest without worry each night.

Working Mothers – Life Balancing Tips

Here are some tips that will help all working mothers out there who are yearning for some balance in their life:

Target your household needs

All working mothers know that they can’t truly focus on their job or sleep at night if the household needs aren’t being met. The first key to achieving balance is to address your household needs and figure out a plan for making sure it’s all being managed. In many cases, hiring help to make sure these needs are being met is super important, and LifeWorx has numerous individuals ready to help you with child care, housekeeping, and home chef services.

Put yourself first

Yes, we said it and – and we mean it! Whenever mom is taken care of, she is able to take on the challenges of work and motherhood with more enthusiasm and clear headed than ever! If putting yourself first means that you need to take some “me time” do it – the rewards that you, your job, and your family will reap are endless.

Be open

Be open to change, be open to unexpected deadlines, and be open to things not always going as planned. All of these things will happen, sometimes all in one day. It’s an annoying, yet important part of life that we all need to deal with in order to live a more balanced lifestyle. Life can be unpredictable and we can’t have total control over every aspect, so be open to life’s random acts.

Know when to step away

Knowing when to step away from work or when to step away from daily parenting duties rests within you. Think about it – every piece of technology that you own has an off button, and whenever they haven’t been re-charged and re-started in a while, they begin to malfunction. You will, too. Make sure you are using your time wisely whenever you have a babysitter and get your work done, leaving you the ability to step away whenever you know that it’s time to do so.

How do you maintain balance in your life?

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