Taking Time to Address Your Busy Household’s Needs

Recently LifeWorx received a call from a potential client. She runs her own business out of her home and has three children. Six year old twins girls and a ten-year-old boy. With that type of schedule and daily demands put on her she was feeling overwhelmed. The reason for her call was that she needed help from someone to clean her home and to take care of her children after school. She needed someone that she could trust to come into her home but also care for her most valuable possessions, her children. With LifeWorx’s rigorous matching and vetting process of all its domestic help experts, she called the right place.
The children needed to be met at the bus, driven to activities and helped with homework. Because of the immediate need, LifeWorx initially found her a housekeeper who was also able to help with the children. This solution was not perfect as the client soon realized that her housekeeping needs were bigger than she initially thought. “No problem,” we told her, “we will find you someone just for childcare and a housekeeper that can attend only to the house.” She now had someone in place to help with after school childcare and another to do the housekeeping. With this running smoothly another issue arose, she had more laundry than the housekeeper, who was coming twice a week, could get too. “No problem,” we told her again, “we will get you someone just to help with laundry.” Because she was able to get the help she needed in her home, she was now better able to focus on her business. As her mind cleared another need arose, she needed help in her home business. “No problem” again, we were able to help her with a personal assistant.
This clients once busy hectic life with too much to do is now a life she can enjoy with all the help LifeWorx was able to provide. LifeWorx takes the time to understand your individual needs and provides the best services for you that can range from nanny care, to housekeeping, to personal assistants and more to can help bring organization and remove stress from your life.

Can LifeWorx help you make sense of your busy household’s needs? Give us a call to find out!

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