Organizing Your Life

We all know how a messy, unorganized home or office can cause immense stress and frustration. The growing pile of papers or items can become an unstoppable force. We have had clients in tears in a desperate attempt to get some help. In a couple of hours, an organizer can bring order and peace to your home, relieving that enormous amount of stress that once ruled your life.

There are several ways to have the best experience possible with your organizing project. First of all, it is helpful to have an initial consultation with the organizer. This can be a phone call where you vent about everything that needs work in your house. The home office, the closets, garage, etc. This is your opportunity to “let it all out” and the organizer’s time to listen fully and take notes. A lot of organizers also like to visit the home to asses the entire situation and see what the project entails. This allows them to put together a plan and time frame for you upfront.

Once your organizer has spoken to you and seen your home, she will put a detailed plan together and give you an estimated time frame to do what needs to be done.

From there, the best thing for you to do is TRUST! A professional organizer is experienced in what they do and very reliable. When they are done with the job, you will feel the relief and peace of a home in order. A professional organizer’s job is not just to complete the project, though. They will then teach you how to maintain the organization that they put in place. What could be more valuable than a lifelong solution?!

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