Calm after the Storm

Hurricane Sandy came fiercer than most people expected. Parts of New Jersey, Long Island, and New York City experienced devastating damages. People lost their family homes of 50 years, trademark places were torn down, and some even lost their lives. This is a time where “help at home” is more important than ever. It is so vital to help our neighbors, whether that means letting them stay at our houses or simply letting someone charge their phone and use some hot water. LifeWorx encourages everyone to lend a helping hand as New Jersey, Long Island, and NYC begins to rebuild. We have been sending housekeepers who are happy to clean and help with damages. The home is where a person is most comfortable, safe, and relaxed. After being devastated by a hurricane, so many people do not have this luxury anymore. We send out our best wishes to all those who have been effected by the hurricane and we want to help in any way we can. Together, these cities can rebuild and become stronger than ever.

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