Cooking for the Elderly

If you are taking care of an elderly person, it is important to know that even though they tend to eat less, nutrition is most vital in their stage of life.

As people get older, they need fewer calories to sustain themselves. So, portion control is important to keep their weight under control. Remember to check all of their medications to see if there are any diet restrictions that come with them.

Some ingredients an elder care provider should lower when cooking for the elderly are sodium, sugar, and fat. Lower sodium intake lessens the risk for high blood pressure. Serving low sugar foods is helpful for someone who might be at risk for diabetes. Foods lower in fat are better for the heart, which an elderly person needs at its best! Lots of healthy whole grains and vegetables will do the trick.

Some ingredients that you do want a lot of? Fiber and Calcium! Fiber helps with digestion, while calcium prevents bone loss and osteoporosis in older people, especially women.

Taking care of an elderly person involves many important aspects, but what could be more important than what you are feeding them? Putting the right food in their body helps keep them healthy- and happy!

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