Finding Elder Care for a Loved One

It’s one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make- deciding how best to care for your aging parent. There are a world of elder care choices out there, so many that it could be overwhelming. You need to know that someone trustworthy is coming into your parent’s home when they are in their most vulnerable state.

Many of our clients in the Greater New York area experience the challenge in getting their parents to admit to needing elder care. If your loved one is resisting help, we recomend starting small, such as with some housekeeping or cooking services to get him/her accostomed to the idea of having someone help them.  You can build on to elder care from there.

When your parent needs immediate elder care and there is no time to stall with Housekeeping or Chef services first, we recommend you appeal to their paternal instincts. When they realize that this assistance helps their children and grandchildren continue in the comfort of their everyday lives as much as it does their own, they become more open to accepting it.

Another tip in finding an elder care professional for your loved one is to allow them to be actively involved in choosing the right person. They have to feel a connection with the care giver, since they will be spending more time with them than anyone else. Interview as many candidates as you have to to find the true match.

Once you do find that person, you will be so relieved to know that while you are at work or going about your busy day, mom or dad is taken care of with trustworthy care.

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