A Memorable Night

Manhattan, New York – October 4, 2012 –At its third annual “Celebrated Mom” Award Ceremony, LifeWorx honored Ali Wing at the Neue Galerie. An intimate and exclusive group of professionals, mothers, and entrepreneurs arrived and were treated to delicious hors d’oeuvres from Café Sabarsky.


After about an hour of mingling and enjoying the beautiful German art, the ceremony began. Bal Agrawal, founder of LifeWorx, spoke about the company’s mission and led into mothers and their “warrior” qualities. Mothers, whether rich or poor, successful or not, carry their family through struggle and challenge. Bal then went on to introduce Janette Shatinsky, Queens mom of 2 boys, one of whom has Leukemia. Bal presented her with a gift of $1000 towards LifeWorx services, to make life at home a little easier. Everyone was touched by Janette’s story and applause filled the room at the generous gift and the meaning behind it.

Bal then moved on to introduce Ali Wing, founder of giggle. He described her not only as a successful entrepreneur, but a loving mother and wife who has faced her own challenges in life. Ali spoke of her family, being one of 10 children, and how that has shaped her to this day. She gave an extremely heart-warming and down to earth speech that had everyone in awe.

The event not only was enjoyable, but was accompanied by a good cause. Fresh Direct donated $35000 worth of food to City Harvest. LifeWorx envisions a foundation in the upcoming year to prevent mothers from being on the street.

Guests of the Celebrated Mom Award Ceremony left with a giggle book filled with goodies, good memories, and the fulfillment of being part of a good cause.

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