Working on the Beach!

Here at LifeWorx, we really care about finding our clients the right nanny, housekeeper, elder care professional, or chef candidate. We get so involved in the search and work really hard to find a solution. On vacation, a lot of people keep work completely off the mind, which is understandable as everyone needs some relaxation- but we like to be available to our clients.

Here’s an instance where I’m glad I had my phone with me on the beach. A client from Westport that I’ve been working with for quite a while interviewed a candidate the night before I went on vacation to Long Beach Island. While on the beach I was wondering how everything went and when I checked my phone I saw two very happy emails! One from the client and one from the nanny. The client was thrilled with what a perfect fit the nanny is for her family. She was absolutely relieved and grateful. The nanny was equally thrilled with the great job and her connection with the family. They offered her the job and she accepted.

Who would’ve thought that a “work call” would make my vacation at the Jersey Shore even better?!! There is such greatness in finding someone the perfect young and bright nanny for their family and making their life easier. There is equal satisfaction in finding a nanny the perfect job for them with a family who they connect with.

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