Curry to Cure Arthritis!

As people age, their list of daily medications grows and grows. When it comes to arthritis, there might be a natural alternative to treat it. The Wall Street Journal had an article about the benefits of the  ingredient Turmeric found in curry. Curcumin, a chemical that gives turmeric its yellow color, has been found to benefit arthritis patients at least as much as commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs, which can harm the liver and have other side effects.

Turmeric has been used as an anti-inflammatory in India for thousands of years.  It can be used for any type of pain, whenever an anti-inflammatory is needed. It can even be combined with oil as a topical ointment for swelling.

You can get turmeric by adding curry powder to your dishes when cooking. Your favorite Indian dishes are sure to be loaded with a nice dose of it! Enjoy your Indian food knowing that you are also getting health benefits. A delicious and healthy meal for your family that can help with treating arthritis is something we are happy to share!

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