Communicating with your Nanny

Finding childcare for your children is both one of the most important decisions you will have to make as well as one of the most stressful. When you are preparing to hire a new nanny, you need to decide what expectations you have and how you should communicate and implement these expectations.

First and foremost a Nanny is going to help raise your children. With this in mind it is imperative that you respect and trust your Nanny.  She should be someone that you are happy to have helping  raise your children with the same parenting philosophies as you.

Communicating expectations should begin early and be expressed as clearly as possible.  During your nanny interviews, provide your nanny candidates with a job description in writing. Will your Nanny only be responsible for childcare or will they also be expected to arrange play dates, take children to classes, clean, cook, do shopping etc.

During your nanny’s first days of employment, train your nanny on what you want her to do and how you want her to do it.  Throughout your nanny’s employment, observe your nanny’s work performance.  Praise her when she performs to your expectations and re-train/redirect her when she does not perform to your expectations.

Above all, know and trust your Nanny as a member of your family because you are entrusting them with your children and this is neither a small job or responsibility.

By setting reasonable expectations for your new nanny, communicating them early and clearly, training her well, and following up appropriately, you will be ensuring that you have a healthy working relationship for both you and your nanny.

When you find the perfect Nanny for your family it can make a world of difference in you and your children’s lives.

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