Check, Check, and Check Again!

At LifeWorx, our recruiters deal with hundreds of nanny and housekeeper job applicants a week. They often must play “detective” to really determine whether a candidate is truly skilled, reliable, and trustworthy. This requires more than just doing a background check. It means taking the necessary time to dig deep into a person’s experience and making sure it matches 100% with what their references say.  Here is a situation where our thorough vetting process helped us catch a false reference. We suggest you use the following example and tips as you put in your own efforts to do a background check. Nothing is more important than ensuring a trustworthy nanny, housekeeper, chef, or elde care provider in your home.

Our recruiter Jeanne did a phone interview with a candidate who applied online for a nanny job. She sounded great, had a very bubbly and outgoing personality, and was very intelligent. She was very flexible with her schedule and had no barriers. She sounded like the perfect nanny.

She applied online and had 2 references displaying her Nanny experience. One was a 6 year reference from 2003-2009 and had 2 children. Her description of responsibilities included cooking nutritious meals, overseeing play dates, taking kids to doctor appointments, laundry, cleaning play areas, and researching fun activities to do around the area. This reference lives on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.

Jeanne called the reference number and left a message. A few hours later, he called back and Jeanne noticed the caller ID showed the same last name as the candidate in question. She asked a few basic questions to get a feel for the situation and then asked him why the caller ID said that name which was the applicant’s last name. He replied by saying he was using a friends phone. When asked what his friend’s name was, he hung up immediately.

Had this been done by a less reliable source, we may have never known it was a fake reference. Everything he said matched up with everything the candidate wrote on her application and explained during the phone interview. Who knows how many of these untrustworthy people are being represented as nannies in the hundreds of agencies out there. It is important to know that you are working with someone you can trust. We would never represent anyone that we wouldn’t be comfortable having in our own homes.

Putting the time into each and every candidate we represent is what helps us build trust in New York City, Westchester, and Fairfield.

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