A Healthier Central Park

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about making one of our favorite places in New York City a little healthier. The Central Park cart, which has just opened for its second season is now filled with some healthier options. This is sure to make the diet conscious New Yorkers out there very happy. Jeremy Bearman from Midtown East’s Rouge Tomate designed the menu for the restaurant’s Cart in the Park, aiming to showcase that “a lot of what you wouldn’t think of as healthy could be done in a healthier way.”

Items that can be purchased include green burgers featuring grass fed beef, arugula, salsa verde and an avocado mash in place of the mayonnaise and Moroccan chicken, which uses spices such as cumin, coriander and cinnamon to create big flavors. The Lunch Box special offers soup, a sandwich and a drink (the cart makes its own fresh juices), while the kid’s lunch  includes a kid’s light burger, drink and dessert.

What a refreshing and guilt free snack to enjoy while spending a summer day in Central Park! New York City Summer days just got a little better.

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