Interviewing candidates for your home

“Trust, but Verify”- Ronald Reagan

In today’s society, letting a stranger into your home comes with significant risk, especially when you are looking for someone to be in your home while you are at work.  If you do not trust someone, do not let them in your home. Trust your instincts about people who do not seem like the right fit for being around your family.Know what you need. Make a list of everything you’re looking for including hours, salary, responsibilities, etc. This will make you more capable of answering any questions candidates have and of getting what you want! Every candidate that comes for an interview should be able to give you two recent references who will speak highly of the service they provided.The background check is very important. Criminal records should be completely clear and driving records should have no more than minor offenses.When interviewing a candidate for a position in your home, ask open ended questions so that she/he is doing most of the talking. Asking hypotheticals is helpful to know how the potential hire would handle certain situations. “What would you do if…”Ultimately, you can never be too careful about a person who is spending time with your children or is in your home alone. One important thing to remember is that there ARE great people out there, you just have to devote yourself to finding them or seek trustworthy help in this pursuit.

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