three generations of memories

Garage ClutterOne of the first major organizing projects we did was in Hartsdale, NY, at the home of an old, very active couple in their 90s. He had a twin brother and they recently celebrated their 100th birthday together, which brought all our memories back. The project started with their daughter, in her 50’s, calling us to help her parents. This is the home where she grew up and where the family also enjoyed raising their grand children. We asked her… as we always do, “Are your parents ready of this?” She said that she told her parents, “If you die with all this stuff in the house, I will just have to burn it!” Of course, everyone knows it was a joke, but the humor gave the project a great start. Our parents’ treasures can be our clutter. We put a team of an Organizer, a Cleaning crew and a Personal Assistant together, ordered a dumpster and took care of three generations of “stuff”. There were old fishing poles, skating shoes, a wooden sleigh and tools that could be sold as antiques. We de-cluttered the attic where boxes of books were kept (he was an attorney), cleaned out the basement and garage and filled a dumpster. The whole place was hosed down and scrubbed clean too. They were an amazing and warm family to work for with a baby (their great granddaughter) crawling around in the kitchen. How do people in their 90’s have the energy and passion to take on a project like this? Only when they can truly care for their children and grand children. Claudia, the daughter that made the first call and the leader of the project was the key to such grace and harmony, since she had an amazing bond with her parents.   I hope all of us grow old this gracefully; with humor & health to share.

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