my new party dress

iStock_000000960922XSmallA client from Chappaqua, for whom we did weekly housekeeping, calls frantically on a Saturday morning at 8.15 AM to say that the new dress she had brought a day earlier is missing. She hung the dress behind the door, and now, the hanger is there but no dress. She turned the whole house upside down and couldn’t find it. She wondered and stressed about it. She looked in the laundry, closets and asked her husband. Hence, she came to the conclusion that the housekeeper had stolen it. I assured her that Nora, a LifeWorx housekeeper has never done anything like this; but that we would investigate. I was very stressed since our system is supposed to protect clients from such bad experiences. We promised the client that we would pay for the dress. Nora is a large woman and the client’s dress was size 4, petite. We reviewed Nora’s file in the office and her background check reports, but there was no smoking gun. We left a message with the housekeeper and wondered… How could this be? Our staff is trustworthy to be given house keys, car keys, kids, grandma and credit card and we assure that nothing will go wrong. Two hours later that morning, we get a call back from the client, with a sense of embarrassment and relief… that the dress was in her daughter’s room. Her teenage daughter had tried on mom’s new party dress and left it on the floor on the far side of her bed! How cute, but also how annoying! Our instincts often lead us to assume… a crime has been done, because that is what protects us from such things and makes us vigilant. How can we avoid playing the old videos of past poor (crime) experiences when the peace of mind and calm may be around us? All we can do is to find and share positive experiences to our clients and hope that, “drop by drop the ocean will get full.”

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