Meet Dee

Born and raised in London, obtaining her Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations in Chicago, and becoming a stay at home mom has prepared Dee, our Director of Human Resources for everything she manages on a daily basis at LifeWorx. After having children, she knew that she wanted to utilize her degrees, and upon moving to Westchester and spotting a job opening at LifeWorx, she has been able to do everything that she loves. She felt an instant connection with the company upon interviewing and carries LifeWorx’s best interest in her heart through each and every part of her job.

Tell me about your role at LifeWorx and how it’s evolved since you’ve been here.

My background is in in HR. I was looking to return to the workforce after being a stay at home mom for several years. I started out as a recruiter for the LifeWorx Westchester office and then moved into Sales for Long Island. It was my job to introduce our services in Long Island. More recently, I got promoted and am now the Director of HR. My role encompasses training recruiters, continuing Sales in LI, HR, payroll, administration, employee relations, benefits etc.

What did you learn as a recruiter about the importance of screening applicants?

Our screening process is extremely rigorous and it has taught me the importance of triple checking every detail about an applicant. Our screening includes:
DMV check – We don’t accept anyone who has more than 2 driving violations
Credit check – We want to make sure people have good spending habits and can be responsible with money.
Multi State Criminal Check and Sex Offender Check – We look for any indication of a criminal background. These reports must be clear of any incident.
Social Security check – Applicants need to be legal to work in the US.
We’re always playing detective throughout interview process. I need to be able to trust the nanny in my own home with my own children. Our interviewing process is more thorough and intense than a corporate job interview. We don’t leave any stone unturned.

What’s the work environment like at LifeWorx?

We have 5 offices and 25 employees. As a result, the 25 employees are split up between 5 locations and we communicate over the phone or email. However, we all work as a team because we rely on one another daily. We work as a team, and want each and every employee to succeed. Tools are provided to employees to make sure they can do their job with ease. We also like to socialize, for example we had a team building event in Atlantic City, or we held an event at the 40/40 Club in NYC – geared toward having fun and getting to know everyone.

Why do you think so many families choose you over all the agencies that are out there?

Families know that our service is impeccable because we go above and beyond for our clients. Our nannies and other professionals are the best in their field. We know how to select experts who can bring added value to households by ensuring they go the extra mile.

As a mother, can you relate to the struggle parents often go through to find reliable child care?

Before coming to LifeWorx, I never saw any company with such an intricate process. After training and recruiting at LifeWorx, I came to realize the nuances of hiring great nannies. It’s a job that really needs a trained professional who can filter through applicants’ work experience, their references, their background, and read subtle cues. There are so many requirements that need to be considered. We have training as a LifeWorx professional, that I personally lacked as a mother.

Can you relate to the journey Dee has had? Share with us in the comments below!

Celebrating National Autism Awareness Month

April is National Autism Awareness Month, and here at LifeWorx, we are celebrating awareness of this developmental disorder and showing support for the many charities and organization that provide research and assistance for families with children with autism.

We know that whenever it comes time for working mothers to hire a nanny or babysitter many different questions arise – Will he/she know how to handle an emergency? Will they pay enough attention to my children? Will they follow our discipline rules? The list goes on and on. But, whenever you have a child with autism, those questions go much deeper, and you must have a level of assurance that enables you to happily leave your child with their caretaker so that you can get your work done.

During the first part of our multi-level process in screening our applicants, we analyze their specific child care experience, meaning what kinds of special circumstances they’ve worked with. It is our job to match families’ needs with the skilled caretakers that we have working for us. If a parent calls us to care for a child with autism, we make sure that the nanny chosen has experience working with children with autism and is knowledgeable of this specific child’s needs and preferences.

You will be able to leave the home for work each day or work in your home office resting assured that your autistic child’s needs are being met each and every day. It is this peace of mind that we strive to provide every parent with.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Autism Awareness Month with your whole family:

• Read some new Autism Awareness books with your whole family! There are so many authors whose lives have been touched by Autism and they have written wonderful books about their experiences. This will help the whole family enable a better understanding of this developmental disorder and is also a great opportunity for a deeper connection with your caregiver.
• Shop for Autism – there are MANY online retailers that will be donating a portion of purchase proceeds to Autism research, this is a great opportunity to help give back!
• Plan a family outing – this is a great opportunity for you to let your autistic child choose to celebrate the month by taking the family to their favorite place for celebration. The support they will feel is invaluable!
Download the newest autism apps – we know that all kids love anything technology related, but we don’t always feel good about handing them the tablet and playing games. This list summarizes the top iPad apps that are great to be used in conjunction with therapy to help children with academics, speech, feel comfortable in new surroundings, vocabulary, and more! It’s a great way to get the whole family playing together!

How are you and your family celebrating National autism Awareness Month?

Meet Sam

Being a “people person” is a crucial personality trait when recruiting for LifeWorx, because it is in these conversations with applicants that the recruiter is able to pick up on the most pivotal traits – intuitively knowing when they have found the perfect person to fill a designated role. This is why Sam, who has always worked in a customer service based role, has succeeded the way he has as a LifeWorx recruiter. After graduating from Rutgers University, he knew that he loved working with people, and wanted to apply that trait to his career path.

Can you tell us about your background and how your role has progressed at LifeWorx?

I started out as a recruiter where my job was finding exceptional child care providers in the New York City area. After learning the nuances of the recruiting process, I was promoted to manage the child care recruitment team and our new on demand child care offering.

From your perspective having been a recruiter, can you tell our readers about the rigorous screening applicants go through every day and why?

Every candidate that LifeWorx represents has gone through a rigorous screening process that includes a phone interview, in person interview, and background check that includes criminal/sex offender/ driving/ credit/ and social security verification. We also verify the work experience by calling at least 2 references. We are the only company that completes these steps of screening in order to ensure that we represent only the most trusted and skilled experts to our customers.

What is LifeWorx On Demand Service and how is it different from what LifeWorx does now?

LifeWorx On Demand Service provides customers the opportunity to have a trusted and reliable sitter come to their home last minute when they need someone. Whether their usual sitter calls out, their child is sick and can’t go to school, or they have a last minute work commitment, we have them covered. On Demand differs from our other services because on demand provides short term child care service for customers, while our other services provide long term service that include more than just child care, such as housekeeping, elder care, housekeeping, personal chefs and personal assistants.

How does the on demand service work?

The way it works is through a simple call to 646-517-5716 or email to where the customer will let our team know the details of the job and a LifeWorx team member will make sure that we send the customer an amazing sitter when they need them. For $22/hour, customers will have a fully screened and interviewed sitter at their doorstep ready to help. LifeWorx takes care of everything, including the sitter’s pay as well as insurances such as workman’s compensation.

How does the LifeWorx on demand service benefit busy parents?

The on demand service helps busy parents by being available at all times, even when things unexpectedly come up and parents need someone they can trust to watch their children asap; LifeWorx is always there to help find the best person in the shortest amount of time.

So there you have it busy moms and dads – LifeWorx has set out to make your lives easier, one sitter at a time!

The Battle of Balance – The Journey of Working Mothers

Balance is something that we are always trying to seek in life; it’s a journey within itself. But for working mothers, balance is something that must be achieved on a daily basis in order to manage our households, work, and be a mom. Without balance, life is simply chaotic.

The thing about motherhood is this – you truly do need a village to maintain your composure, get everything crossed off your to-do list each day, and raise your tribe. Your village consists of those around you who help you pull it all together, the people who are there for you when you need to get your work done while knowing that your children are being taken care of. In households with working mothers, nannies and babysitters are a huge part of that necessary “motherhood village” that allows every mother to feel like she can take on the world each morning, and rest without worry each night.

Working Mothers – Life Balancing Tips

Here are some tips that will help all working mothers out there who are yearning for some balance in their life:

Target your household needs

All working mothers know that they can’t truly focus on their job or sleep at night if the household needs aren’t being met. The first key to achieving balance is to address your household needs and figure out a plan for making sure it’s all being managed. In many cases, hiring help to make sure these needs are being met is super important, and LifeWorx has numerous individuals ready to help you with child care, housekeeping, and home chef services.

Put yourself first

Yes, we said it and – and we mean it! Whenever mom is taken care of, she is able to take on the challenges of work and motherhood with more enthusiasm and clear headed than ever! If putting yourself first means that you need to take some “me time” do it – the rewards that you, your job, and your family will reap are endless.

Be open

Be open to change, be open to unexpected deadlines, and be open to things not always going as planned. All of these things will happen, sometimes all in one day. It’s an annoying, yet important part of life that we all need to deal with in order to live a more balanced lifestyle. Life can be unpredictable and we can’t have total control over every aspect, so be open to life’s random acts.

Know when to step away

Knowing when to step away from work or when to step away from daily parenting duties rests within you. Think about it – every piece of technology that you own has an off button, and whenever they haven’t been re-charged and re-started in a while, they begin to malfunction. You will, too. Make sure you are using your time wisely whenever you have a babysitter and get your work done, leaving you the ability to step away whenever you know that it’s time to do so.

How do you maintain balance in your life?

Elder Care 101: What you NEED to Know

Mom loves living in her home where she raised her kids. But she doesn’t always remember to take her medicine … and sometimes the fridge doesn’t get filled. Grandpa was fine living alone until a fall made it harder to get around. As our loved ones age, sometimes they help to continue living happily on their own.

If you are considering elder care, here are some things you should know.

Does my loved one need extra help?

Watching our family members get older is a hard process for everyone. For them, age can bring unexpected changes to their mental and physical health that leaves them less able to care for themselves. And for you, there are difficult decisions to be made when this happens.

But how do you know if your loved one needs that extra help now? Take stock of their well-being.

Ask yourself:

  • Do they have difficulty walking? Are they unsteady on their feet or falling?
  • Are they neglecting their personal hygiene?
  • Do they have trouble concentrating? Are you concerned about their decision making skills?
  • Are they suffering from memory loss, confusion or a feeling of “fogginess”?
  • Do they take the medications properly and per instructions?
  • Are they not eating well?
  • Is their energy level down? Do they suffer from fatigue?
  • Are they moody?
  • Is their driving questionable? Are you concerned they may be a danger to themselves or others behind the wheel?
  • Are they paying their bills on time? Are they opening their mail?
  • Do you have concerns about the safety and sanitary conditions of their home?

What help does my loved one need?

When it comes to elder care, there is no one-size-fits-all solution because every case is different. From home services like house cleaning to part- or full-time elder care, there are many services available to help your loved one continue living in their own happily – and safely.

Start by looking at the parts of your loved ones life that are in need of assistance. Do they need a little help and companionship to make the week run smoother? Is their house in need of more cleaning help them they can do themselves? Or do they need more frequent assistance to ensure that they are staying on top of all of life’s chores and duties?

What type of help is available?

  • Part-Time Help – Part-time caregivers are great for providing companionship to your loved ones. They can help with personal care, medications and schedules, drive your loved one places and do light chores like laundry and cooking.
  • Full-Time Help – Full-time caregivers do many of the same tasks as part-time ones, but they do so on a more frequent basis. If your loved one needs more time with someone to help with their day-to-day tasks, then full-time help can be perfect.
  • Special Needs Care – When your loved one is impacted by Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, broken bones or surgery, they sometimes need specialized care. These type of elder care professionals can help with personal care, medications, scheduling and running errands. Special needs care can also help with companionship – both through overnight care and through activities.
  • 24/7 Care – For those who need constant non-medical care, 24/7 care is available to ensure that your loved one lives comfortably (and safely) in their home.

What is a CNA? A HHA?

When selecting elder care, you will probably hear acronyms like CNA and HHA used to describe the people who are available. But what do these certifications mean? A CNA is a certified nursing assistant and a HHA is a home health aide. Both are have similar capabilities – they both can help with daily activities like bathing, light household duties, dressing and personal care. But a CNA – often found in care facilities – can also perform some medical tasks to under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, which a HHA cannot.

Does my loved one have dementia?

You can tell when something is just … off with your loved one. But does that also mean that they are experiencing dementia? Dementia refers to symptoms that affect one’s social and thinking abilities and hinder that ability to perform once-easy daily functions.

According to the Mayo Clinic, signs of dementia include memory loss, difficulty communicating, difficulty with complex tasks, planning and organizing, difficulty with coordination and motor functions, disorientation, personality changes, inappropriate behavior, paranoia, agitation and hallucinations.

If your loved one experiences some of these symptoms, they should see their doctor.

Don’t forget about you

When your parents and loved ones age – and especially as their health declines and they need more help with everyday things – it can be stressful. You are losing the vibrant people who raised you as the roles reverse and you care for them. It’s sad, and it’s hard. Be sure as you deal with elder care that you remember to take care of yourself – eating well, exercising and taking breaks. Get help when you need it and find support – either through friends who are experiencing similar things or through support groups. These will help you cope with the changes and best prepare to help your loved ones with elder care.

What Sets LifeWorx Housekeepers Apart from Others?

A lot of people feel the need to justify the decision not to clean their own homes. Licensed family and marriage therapist Jody Gilmore, LCSW, says, “Women are especially susceptible to feeling guilty for wanting or needing help. Often they see wanting to hire a housekeeper as a weakness, when in fact, it should be looked at as being very practical and even beneficial.”
Diana Crabb, a mother of four who works full time outside the home, says, “I could hardly function without my housekeeper. She is a tremendous help, and keeps our house running smoothly.” She adds that she’s even more grateful for the help now, as her husband frequently works out of the country. “It’s well worth the money.”
According to Gilmore, Crabb has the right attitude. She says, “There are many very good reasons to hire help, and regardless of your personal reason, if hiring a housekeeper is good for you and your family, there’s no reason to feel guilty.”
It’s true: acknowledging that you want — and deserve — help around the house can be liberating.
Finding a skilled and trustworthy Housekeeper can seem like a daunting task. The right person must have several important personality traits, experiences, and skills. At LifeWorx, we cover all those bases:
  1. They Must be Trustworthy: Your Housekeeper will be working all day in your home, around your personal belongings, your prized possessions, and even your family/children. Knowing that this individual will be trustworthy enough around your home and family, maybe even to the point where they have a key to your home, is a big step to take. You don’t want just any random person taking that responsibility. That’s why LifeWorx is here. Every single one of our professional Housekeepers must pass a thorough background check. Included in this background check is a 50 State criminal background check, a DMV driving record check, a Credit Report, as well as a sex offender background check. Along with these safeguards, LifeWorx employs full-time, dedicated recruiters whose sole job is to find, vet, and hire the best of the best. There is no other agency that equals LifeWorx’s dedication in finding the most skilled and trustworthy Housekeepers. It’s why we’re here.
  2. They Must be Experienced: Although sometimes an individual excels at their first job, a family can’t reasonably expect this from a professional Housekeeper. It’s not secret that the best Housekeepers are those with the most experience on the job. That’s why at LifeWorx, our recruiters look for the most experienced Housekeepers available. The bare minimum experience that we accept is at least two years of experience in a private home, with the majority of our Housekeepers greatly exceeding that. Not only do we require extensive experience, but our recruiters also rely on references directly from the Housekeeper’s prior employers. Although letters of recommendation may be a great addition to one’s resume, we prefer to contact the reference directly. Because of this, we ensure that every single Housekeeper that we agree to represent has truly wowed the families they worked for.
  3. They Must be Skilled: No matter what job it is, skill is always important. It’s simple; higher skilled Housekeepers are more valuable than lesser skilled Housekeepers. Because of this, LifeWorx only agrees to represent the best of the best. If there are any red flags in a candidate’s history, references, or character, LifeWorx will not move forward. A rule of thumb for our recruiters and salespersons is: If I don’t want this individual working in my home, with my family, than I don’t want them working with our LifeWorx clients.

See for yourself what sets a LifeWorx Housekeeper apart from the others. Contact us today to speak with one of our professional recruiters.

Our First Annual Candidate of the Year

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LifeWorx has announced Luisa Flores as the first Candidate of the Year for her loyalty to LifeWorx, excellent skills, and strength during a tough time. We are happy to present her with a gift of $500 to use towards her growth and education.

Bal reflected on the idea of Thanksgiving and what it represents when he came up with this award. He said “The amazing service our workers provide clients is what keeps us going, so we need to recognize that and thank them.” Luisa has worked with LifeWorx as an independent contractor for 2 years and has always been trustworthy, skilled, and reliable.

Four months ago, Luisa fainted in her bathroom and when she went to the doctor she found out she had a brain aneurysm that requires two surgeries. When she gets better she will use her award of $500 towards an event planning class, as she loves to broaden her education in various fields.

There are many factors that go into keeping the LifeWorx mission alive and hundreds of people that the company could not survive without. The professionals we represent provide amazing service to our clients, and thus are the foundation of LifeWorx success.

LifeWorx would like to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!!

Taking Time to Address Your Busy Household’s Needs

Recently LifeWorx received a call from a potential client. She runs her own business out of her home and has three children. Six year old twins girls and a ten-year-old boy. With that type of schedule and daily demands put on her she was feeling overwhelmed. The reason for her call was that she needed help from someone to clean her home and to take care of her children after school. She needed someone that she could trust to come into her home but also care for her most valuable possessions, her children. With LifeWorx’s rigorous matching and vetting process of all its domestic help experts, she called the right place.
The children needed to be met at the bus, driven to activities and helped with homework. Because of the immediate need, LifeWorx initially found her a housekeeper who was also able to help with the children. This solution was not perfect as the client soon realized that her housekeeping needs were bigger than she initially thought. “No problem,” we told her, “we will find you someone just for childcare and a housekeeper that can attend only to the house.” She now had someone in place to help with after school childcare and another to do the housekeeping. With this running smoothly another issue arose, she had more laundry than the housekeeper, who was coming twice a week, could get too. “No problem,” we told her again, “we will get you someone just to help with laundry.” Because she was able to get the help she needed in her home, she was now better able to focus on her business. As her mind cleared another need arose, she needed help in her home business. “No problem” again, we were able to help her with a personal assistant.
This clients once busy hectic life with too much to do is now a life she can enjoy with all the help LifeWorx was able to provide. LifeWorx takes the time to understand your individual needs and provides the best services for you that can range from nanny care, to housekeeping, to personal assistants and more to can help bring organization and remove stress from your life.

Can LifeWorx help you make sense of your busy household’s needs? Give us a call to find out!

Should Your Elderly Parent Be Driving?


A big part of a non-medical elder care expert’s job is often helping elderly people make transitions. More than any other activity, driving is directly linked to a senior citizen’s independence. It takes one back to the days of youth and freedom. But driving privileges must be discussed if your elder is driving erratically or showing bad judgment that can put their life in danger or the lives of others. Having driving difficulties usually come from the natural physical deterioration we all experience as we age. This can include poor vision, reduced hearing, slowed reflexes and many other things that negatively impact our driving ability.
Even if the elder you are caring for is competent behind the steering wheel of a car, having them retested at the Department of Motor Vehicles is not a bad idea if you are concerned.
Here are 5 important questions to answer if you are concerned about your aging parent driving a car.
  1. Are they a good driver during the day but not at night?
  2. Do they have 20/20 vision with corrective lenses but have drastically reduced peripheral vision?
  3. Does your elderly parent do well driving locally but has a hard time at higher speeds or when directions are needed?
  4. Do they hit curbs, miss turns, or put pedestrians at risk on a regular basis?
  5. Have they been in a car accident that has been deemed their fault?
If you can answer “yes” to any one of these questions it may be time to seriously consider taking them off the road. But don’t just take away the keys. Be sensitive to the situation and plan on how you are going to take away the keys. Try to involve them in the process.
No longer being able to drive could cause many problems for your elder, such as loss of their primary source of getting places and the ability to easily purchase food and bring it home. They could now find it hard to attend social events or help friends. The loss of being able to drive can also increase their anxiety level due to both real and imagined isolation.

Because giving up driving can be traumatic and greatly impact your aging parent’s daily life it is not something that should be taken lightly. Do you have an elderly parent or loved one who needs help with everyday tasks or just some companionship? LifeWorx can help. All of our Elder Care Experts have over 2 years experience and are fully screened and vetted.Contact us today.

Hiring a Personal Assistant

When it comes to hiring a personal assistant, it is important to remember that this is the person that will be organizing you life or helping out with extremely important, perhaps confidential, projects. It’s not just answering phones and canceling appointments. Here are a few steps to follow in order to hire a great personal assistant.
  1. Make a list of all the duties and expectations you have for the job, especially the tasks that they will perform on a regular basis. Will they be planning events, researching exotic vacations, managing your insurances and bills, working with vendors? Make sure the job description includes these factors, and don’t just assume people applying for the job will know what it entails.
  2. Personality assessment. Do you want someone young and energetic? Or someone a little older and calmer, and has life experience? Determining this before the interview process will make the search much easier. All in all, you should look for someone who is a problem solver, and the education and professionalism will follow. Having the candidates take a personality assessment questionnaire will give you much insight into how they work with others, independently, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.
  3. Ask the right questions. During the interview process, it will be important to ask the right kinds of questions. Ask about situational events and behavior. Ask for recent examples of how they have dealt with emergency situations or tight deadlines. The people with proper experience and problem solving skills will have plenty of situations to speak of.
  4. Second Interview. Once you’ve narrowed down your top two choices, meet with them a second time and maybe even try a trial period to see which one fits the best. Never settle and keep searching until you find someone who compliments you and performs all your tasks exactly how you want them. We also suggest having a second person meet them- whether that be a spouse, friend, or someone else who works in your home. Rushing the search could end badly and then the search has to begin all over again, so the time is worth it to get it right.
You may need a full time personal assistant or just part time. LifeWorx can help you find the right person for what you need.